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The Perfect Avocado Toast!

How can something so basic become something we crave, something insta-worthy, and something we're willing to pay $10 for? I don't know the answer to that; BUT, I can share some of my absolute flavorist ways to make avocado toast!

Step 1: Get the right avocado! The type of avocado you choose makes a big difference. I always opt for Hass avocados because they just taste... better. Hass avocados have a nutty flavor profile which creates an even more delicious meal. Yes, meal. If you layer it on well enough, this doesn't have to be just an appetizer.

Step 2: In a bowl, mash up the avocado to the point where it's easy to spread but you still see some chunks. I personally don't like avocado that's been mushed up too much because the texture reminds me of baby food, but do as you please. Remember to add some salt and pepper at this point.

Step 3: Toast the bread. This is important. Bread that hasn't been toasted is not only hard to hold when you're biting into it, but it also makes it difficult to spread the avocado on.

Step 4: Spread the avocado on the bread. If you're planning to stack additional stuff on top, don't make it too avocado heavy.

Step 5: Add on some eggs, smoked salmon, bacon, or anything else your heart desires.

Step 6: To be a little fancy, add some garnish on top. I like to add Aleppo pepper to enhance the flavors with a slightly spicy element and as a color contrast. See how beautiful it is below!

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